19 July 2019

About CIRealty

CIRealty is an independently owned, real estate service specialized in commercial, industrial, office, retail, land and investment properties.

CIRealty is dedicated to

  • obtaining the most favorable results for our clients while developing constructive, long-term, mutually rewarding relationships
  • provide information and performance that is accurate, timely, responsive, independent and confidential
  • take into consideration the diverse needs of large corporations, institutions, small businesses and individuals
  • achieve good quality communication skills making use of today’s technology to provide rapid, high quality information and service

CIRealty understands that the purpose for using the internet to search the real estate market is to save time and find useful real estate information quickly and accurately.

CIRealty is also aware of the need to have access to the latest communications utilities in order to give the best possible service.

CIRealty is engaged in

  • providing instant access to comprehensive data
  • using electronic communications that will save time and money eliminating paperwork and long-distance call expense
  • having access to advanced software to maintain databases with accurate and complete information that will be available right when is needed.